Why Choose Bespoke?

Can’t find a dress, costume or outfit that you are looking for on the high street or online? You don’t want to turn up to your party or special occasion in the same outfit as some else? You fancy something different? Alternative? Unique? Using quality fabrics?
Then contact Miss Nyland’s Boutique and have your very own unique and personalised dress that is made just for you. An outfit that is individually custom-made especially for you for your very own special occasion.

Bridal wear

How do you want to look and feel on your special day?
Beautiful, glamorous, stunning, chic, stylish, elegant or classy?
Do you want to feel like: a Princess; a Diva; a Hollywood movie star from a classic or retro Vintage era; or maybe a Greek Goddess; or a Bohemian Hippie? The choice is yours. Along with the help and creation of your designer and dressmaker - Miss Nyland.
Having a bespoke gown that is designed and made especially for you and emphasises your style and your assets will make you look like the beautiful woman that you are on your wedding day.
Do you want your bridesmaids and flower girls to all co-ordinate? Have the same theme, style and materials that complement your own style?
Then contact Miss Nyland’s Boutique.

The Service

For bridal wear ( wedding gowns; bridesmaids dresses; flower girl dresses), prom dresses, costumes and comic con outfits. We will come visit you in the comfort of your own home, having a one to two hour initial consultation. Feel free to collect some design ideas and initial instructions yourself to allow your design ideas through. We will draw up some designs based on your brief and bring along samples of a variety of fabrics to choose from or to get some ideas from and you will be measured for fittings and pattern construction.
After the consultation, if you have decided that Miss Nyland’s Boutique bespoke dressmaking service is for you, we will draw up the final design, give you a quote for the materials and labour and ask for a deposit to buy the fabrics from our suppliers.
We will make up a mock gown in a toile or light calico material and visit you again with the sample dress for the first fitting. Any alterations will be taken to measurements at this stage.
The dress or costume will then be made in your desired materials and a second fitting will be needed to check for accuracy of measurements and alterations. A payment will be required at this stage for the hours of labour for construction of the garment. It is possible that a third fitting will be needed to ensure the dress or costume is the perfect fit. The final payment will be needed before the item is handed over.

“ I am so glad to have been a small part of your unique wedding ”

Your Wedding Specialist